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Individual Comps


Singles finals night – Thursday 5th March

Las 16 matches to be completed by 11pm Thursday 20th February
First player down has the choice of venue and pays for all the games.
All matches are Best of 5.
Please can players and captains make sure details are correct. It is up to both players to contact their opponents. Please do this as soon as possible so that if there is a problem I can have time to resolve the issues. If I have not heard of any problems going into the last week of the competition from either player and the fixture goes unfulfilled, then both will be scratched out the competition.

Results to be texted to Nathan Dean on 07943585458

Good luck to all.

1. Zach Bragg 07988190112 v Ian Massey 07711163104
2. Mike Quinn 07753276300 v Garth Andresen 07469850649
3. Jordan Parkinson 07545019215 v Lee Stephens 07584885980
4. Dan Snowden 07872631232 v Dean Port 07886737898
5. Neil Rimmer 07971640567 v Mike Ankers 07725706105
6. Craig Boggan 07889366432 v Chris Welsh 07514540123
7. Rich Towers 07964289231 v Mark Spilsbury 07816878636
8. Andy Thallon 07853199195 v Ray Cheers 07751730092

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