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Scotch Doubles


Here is the last doubles draw before finals night. Home teams drawn by Lewis Ronaldson. Away teams drawn by Mike Gittins. The past rounds results that were granted extensions are all complete. The impetus is on BOTH sets of players to make contact straight away to get the games organised. Same as usual with home teams choosing venue and paying for the table. The deadline for this round is Sunday 27th May. I will update this post as results come in. Any problems then message me ASAP on 07928497641. Good luck to all.

A Jones & G White (07984611523) vs M Hewitt & M Adamson (07881957799)

C Harper & J Hughes (07715348551) vs N Dean & P McAleer (07943585458)

G Craven & M Ellis (07776182334) vs F Herald & C Claverling (07522854725)

R Powis & G Thomas (07964289231) vs P Murray and G Andresen (07469850649)

I Massey & P Linekar (07711163104) vs N Fodor & G Parkinson (07715900963)

M Spilsbury & M Findley (07816878636) vs J Parkinson & L Stephens (07545019215)

J Broad & N Rimmer (07971640567) vs L Jackson & D Port (07956959373)

R Cheers & D Vel (07751730092) vs B Burrows & K Green (07989400110)

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